Over the Easter break I managed to get into Hot Bed Press a few times to finish off my print of Roland.


So for Week 9 I printed a few monochromes I’d worked on over the break. Here are some pigeons that were resting on the ledges of our office block:


As you can see, despite there being birds in the foreground and sky in the background, I didn’t put any birds in the sky… but inspired by Mike’s “jigsaw” prints, where he cut shapes out of his original reduction lino and then reassembled them, inking them up separately, I cut out the sky background and added some flying birds, taking the opportunity to ink them up in a different colour:

Pigeons, flying

My darling gave me a lovely Pfeil 1mm V-gouge as part of my birthday present, and took the opportunity to print Mr Socks, Great American Stripeface (though it turns out that writing with a chisel, backwards, is hard, so I’ve misspelt American):

Great American Stripeface

Also printed this onto some lovely Khadi watercolour paper:

Stripeface, on Khadi paper