Reduction print (work in progress) of Roland, a Toffeemouse crafted in papier maché by the fabulous Anya Keeley.

The migraine-inducing print above may hold strange secrets if viewed through 3D glasses, but I haven’t dared try. The more tasteful ochre and cyan prints are still hanging up waiting for their 3rd colour:

Rolands, drying

As you can see, I only made 6 prints (4 tasteful, 2 psychedelic) which seems to be my approach as a student on the CPM course (e.g. go fast, hope for the best, hope I learn something from mistakes). Because you can never reprint a reduction cut, you’d typically do far more if you want to get a good edition. Instead, I’m already having to accept bad inking and misregistration.

Of course even if you ink up well, you can’t easily fix a bad cut. Here’s the lino after the 3rd cut. I think I may have gouged out one of poor Roland’s eyes:

Roland, possibly disfigured

This ghost print of just the 3rd cut onto newsprint appealed to me:

Ghost Roland

Did I mention that the lovely original sculpture of Roland was created by Anya Keeley? If you’re Manchester based, I really recommend checking out her work if she’s exhibiting again at the GNNCF in the old Granada studios.